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About contents

The English-version data of this web site are provided for experimental. Since the author is non-native English speaker, there may be misspelled, miss-translations, or more mistakes on the English-version data than on the original Japanese-version ones.

This web site mainly treats researches of the train operations for ‘Shōnan-Shinjuku Line’ and ‘Ueno-Tōkyō Line’, the railway lines acrossing Tokyo from north to south, as well as the related railway lines. In particular, the web site contains formation tables of those two lines and the Utsunomiya and the Takasaki Lines (including correspondence of train number and data of rolling stock usage, operation, and etc.), operation researches of E231/E233 series EMUs (based on Oyama Depot), and so on.

The data on this web site is the original research in principle, and based on a lot of sightings anywhere.


This web site provides data WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, except that the root cause is a bug in the web site's program, such as in BBS. For example, no warranties are guaranteed such for using those data and treatment of privacy information. Since those data are only the original researches (not provided officially), please refrain from contacting/inquiring related organizations for those data.

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This web site is written by feuks ([fjuːks]), living in Japan.

Mail address: feuks.train(a t)gmail.com (sorry but non-Japanese mails may cause delayed replies, or may be refused.)