Operation research of To-Oh E257 (E257-5500) series

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* This page contains past research data. (Return to ‘Research data of operations’ page)

The table below represents the research of operations of the E257-5500 series based at Ōmiya Depot (a.k.a. To-Oh E257-5500), used for limit express operations on the Takasaki Line (and the Agatsuma Line).


* The number (from 451) is the original number for convenience.
* The operation may be changed for various reasons.
* This data is based on the original research, and is UNOFFICIAL.

This data is based on a lot of sightings.

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E257-5500 series (fleet number: OM-**)

3 + 2 sets / 3 operations

* Usually OM-53, OM-54, and OM-55 are used, but other cars or E257-2500 series (fleet number: NC-**) may be used.
* The other car may be used for 8081M (Extra train Akagi No.81).

451 WeekdayHigashi-Ōmiya (y)-4050M-Ōmiya-4051M-Honjō-4008M-Ueno-3001M-Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi-3002M-Ueno-4001M-Kōnosu-4056M-Ueno-4009M-Takasaki-783M-Shim-Maebashi
HolidayHigashi-Ōmiya (y)-????M-Ueno-3031M-Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi-3034M-Ueno-4005M-Takasaki-1775M-Shim-Maebashi
452 WeekdayShim-Maebashi-770M-Takasaki-4004M-Ueno-4053M-Higashi-Ōmiya (y)-4052M-Ueno-4005M-Takasaki
HolidayShim-Maebashi-1774M-Takasaki-4008M-Ueno-3001M-Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi-3002M-Ueno-????M-Higashi-Ōmiya (y)-4018M-Ōmiya-4019M-Takasaki
453 WeekdayTakasaki-4002M-Honjō-4002M-Ueno-3003M-Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi-3004M-Ueno-4003M-Honjō-4058M-Ōmiya-4055M-Higashi-Ōmiya (y)
HolidayTakasaki-4010M-Ueno-3003M-Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi-3004M-Ueno-????M-Higashi-Ōmiya (y)